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The AK-105 has high accuracy, relatively low recoil for an AK-pattern rifle, and high damage. However, the fire rate is somewhat low.

Modification Edit

Modification Cost
PK100 Sight 1 Черепки
Tactical hilt 2 Черепки

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IRL Edit

5.45 mm Kalashnikov AK-105 is an individual weapon and is designed to destroy the enemy's manpower. From AK74M, which has the same caliber, it is distinguished by a truncated barrel and the presence of a flame arrester.

Has a folding plastic butt and a standard attachment point (bar) for the installation of optical and night sights.

The presence of a folding butt provides the convenience of handling weapons while moving on the march, transporting and landing, and there is the possibility of firing with the folded butt.