Guaranteed drop from the Red Container #4

Features Edit

Low damage, a slow firerate and strong recoil.

This pistol of the Second World War has more flaws than advantages- not recommended for any situation.

Modifications Edit

This weapon cannot be modified.

IRL Edit

Mauser K96 - German self-loading pistol, developed in 1895. The pistol was developed by the employees of the company "Mauser" - the brothers Fidel, Friedrich and Josef Federle (Feederle). Fidel Federle was in charge of the experimental workshop of the Waffenfabrik Mauser, and the new pistol was originally called P-7.63 or Federle's pistol. Subsequently, the gun was patented in the name of Paul Mauser in Germany in 1895 (the German Reichspatent No. 90430 of September 11, 1895), in Great Britain in 1896