Features Edit

This weapon is characterized by high damage, rate of fire and a unique module, which makes this rifle really a dangerous weapon at any distance.

In battle, it is important to remember that AEK-971 has a strong return, which is why when defeating the enemy at long distances it is desirable to use shooting bursts, 2-3 rounds.

Despite the high return and average accuracy, this assault rifle has an excellent combination of other characteristics, which makes it possible to use it with maximum efficiency at medium and short distances. Concerning other models of weapons of the same class, AEK shows itself very worthily.

Modification Edit

The AEK-971 has an installed optical sight and a flashlight, which do not require opening and acquisition.

Skins Edit

Interesting fact Edit

  • Very good weapon, which by right can be considered one of the best. In addition, it can be received early enough.
  • Has an under-barrel flashlight. This modification is unique and is found only on this weapon, but the practical use of the flashlight is rather doubtful, since there are only two night cards in the game, one of which is light as in the daytime, and the second one is still not so dark.
  • Unlocked for 25 parts after collecting all 5 parts.
  • It has much less popularity than AK74M or AKM74 / 2.

IRL Edit

The AEK-971 assault rifle was designed as a possible replacement for the AK-74. Its development began in the Soviet Union in the early 1980s. This assault rifle was first publicly revealed in the early 1990s. The AEK-971 competed against the AN-94 and some other new designs. Eventually it lost competition to the AN-94, that was selected due to a slight accuracy edge and was officially adopted by the Russian Army and Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1994. Only a few small batches of the AEK-971 have been produced to this day. These were issued to selected Russian army and law enforcement units for trials and evaluation. The main reason why the AEK-971 was never adopted is its insufficient advantages over the AK-74.

17px AKS-74UAKMSL85A2M4A1G36AK74AN-94FN FALSIG 552М16А3
20px TAR-21M16А2AK-105GalilHK417
30px QBZ-95AEK-971AKM74/2M4A1 DesertAK-74MHK416
25px SGI-5kAK-12 LR-300FT200MSTGMDRVHS-2