Drops out of an exclusive container with AK12

Features Edit

This weapon is characterized by good damage, accuracy and not very strong impact, which makes it possible to effectively use it at medium or long distances.

But in battle it is important to remember that the submachine gun has a low rate of fire, because of which it is worth keeping at a distance opponents armed with submachine guns or shotguns.

Modification Edit

Modification Cost
Enlarged clip 1 Черепки
ACOG sight 1 Черепки
Tactical hilt 1 Черепки

Skins Edit

IRL Edit

AK-12 - Russian automatic carbine, created in 2012. It is a promising example of individual small arms developed by the Kalashnikov Concern and intended for equipping fighters of the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies.



17px AKS-74UAKMSL85A2M4A1G36AK74AN-94FN FALSIG 552М16А3
20px TAR-21M16А2AK-105GalilHK417
30px QBZ-95AEK-971AKM74/2M4A1 DesertAK-74MHK416
25px SGI-5kAK-12 LR-300FT200MSTGMDRVHS-2