Features Edit

Modification of all known AK74. In contrast to the original has built-in holographic sights, tactical handle and butt.

Low recoil, increased accuracy, unchanged damage and a pleasant pace with quick recharging do their job and give this rifle a chance to show themselves both near and long distances, without losing their firepower.

Modification Edit

In addition to the built-in modifications, there is the possibility of improvement for parts that can reduce the recharge time and reduce the recoil force.

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IRL Edit

AK-74M - AK-74 modernized. Equipped with a folding left-handed polymer stock and a universal mount (dovetail bar) for attaching sights, both optical and night, to the left side of the receiver.

The coven and the barrel of the gas tube are made of an impact-resistant glass-filled thermoset AG-4B. Metal parts are also protected from corrosion by a special coating. The changes also touched the muzzle brake, which received open cameras, which makes it possible to clean it without removing it.

To reduce the probability of mechanical damage to the cover of the receiver, its mounting was reinforced. In the design of the guide rod of the return spring there was a latch, which allows to shoot from the grenade launcher GP-25 or GP-30 without using an additional fastening of the cover of the receiver, which is necessary in such cases for the AK-74.

With the new automatic machines, it is possible to use the collimator sights PC-A and PC-01, as well as COBRA and 1P78. In 1991, the AK-74M was adopted and started its serial production at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant.

17px AKS-74UAKMSL85A2M4A1G36AK74AN-94FN FALSIG 552М16А3
20px TAR-21M16А2AK-105GalilHK417
30px QBZ-95AEK-971AKM74/2M4A1 DesertAK-74MHK416
25px SGI-5kAK-12 LR-300FT200MSTGMDRVHS-2