The APS is a pistol acquired from the KGB container. It can be switched to full-auto, 3 round burst and also semi-auto.

Features Edit

Improved version of the CZ 75 , which has a large ammunition and an increased rate of fire. A pretty good choice for a player in the role of a sniper.

IRL Edit

The development of the APS was carried out in 1948, when the young engineer Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin arrived in TsKB-14 in the same year, and the first prototype was presented in 1949. After the project was approved, factory tests, a number of modifications and military tests, the gun was adopted. The weapons could fire like single shots, and bursts.

The APS gun was intended for the arming of officers, sergeants, soldiers of certain specialties and crews of military vehicles, who did not rely on the state machine or carbine. It was rightly believed that the PM pistol would not be enough for self-defense in case of a combat with the enemy.

However, because of serious shortcomings of weapons, in 1958, the APS was withdrawn from production, and in the 1960s the bulk of army pistols appeared in warehouses (although in the service of certain categories of servicemen, in particular the grenade launchers (RPG-7) and gunners (PC), he was until the early 1980s).

At the same time, the APS, which has the best accuracy of fire, less impact, less trimming of the barrel during firing and much more firepower than the PM, continued to be used by the KGB of the USSR and servicemen of some specialties of the GRU of the GRU.

In connection with the increase in the level of crime in the second half of the 1980s - 1990s, the Ministry of Internal Affairs required more powerful weapons than the Makarov pistol in service. Since before this "police" small-sized submachine guns in the USSR was not produced, as a temporary solution to the problem was quite acceptable pistol Stechkin. Subsequently, along with him were adopted weapons of submachine guns for the same cartridge 9 × 18, nevertheless the proven "Stechkin" and in our time remains a certain popularity.

After the collapse of the USSR, the pistol was used during various local conflicts.

  • Thus, during the fighting in Chechnya, the APS pistols, as personal weapons, self-defense were armed with pilots and snipers.
  • At the moment it consists in arming, as a personal weapon, pilots of the Russian air grouping in Syria