Can be purchased with 16 Nuclear Materials after reaching level 23

Features Edit

The shield will protect the user from shots directed at the torso and head, until it takes 1000 points of damage. However, since the shield decreases movement speed and cannot be fired from when equipped, the user is vulnerable to being flanked. Note that:

-The shield takes 4 times as much damage from weapons firing the 7.62x51 cartridge and the rpg-7 rocket.

- The shield takes half as much damage from weapons firing 9mmx18 rounds

- The shield does not take damage from knife attacks, however the user can still be killed if the knife attack is made behind the user.

Modifications Edit

This item cannot be modified.

IRL Edit

Anti-bullet ballistic shields are an armament designed to protect against cold hand and throwing weapons and to some extent firearms. Usually, shock shields are in service of law enforcement bodies and the penitentiary system from the police special forces and troops of army units and special purpose security forces (gendarmerie, internal security forces, the National Guard, Military Police, UN peacekeeping forces) who are trained tactics of their application. Modern bulletproof shields are produced in several basic versions:

"Tactical shields" (light one-hand shields weighing from 6.4 to 8 kg, relatively small sizes, which can be used by fighters of assault groups, they provide protection against splinters, rifle shot, kartachi and pistol bullets caliber 9 × 19 mm or 11.43 × 23 mm); as an example, we can cite the Soviet BZT-75 (trapezoidal one-handed shield made of titanium alloy, 5.5 kg in weight and 21.2 dm² in area)

heavy (they provide a large area of protection, but have a large mass and are moved by the shield guard) as an example, you can bring the shield "PROTECH NATO High Treat", which is in the service of UK assault teams

mobile (provide protection from the bullets of automatic and rifle cartridges, used as a means of collective protection, move on wheels) as an example, you can bring the shield "PROTECH Phoenix IV", which is in the service of UK assault groups

Some models of modern shields are equipped with an embrasure for conducting fire, an observation window or a lamp.

17px PKML86A1
17px MG36ROKS-3
20px RPGBallistic ShieldRG-6FN Minimi
25px Hunter BowGM-94MG42RPDWater GunTUL-1M60M79