Features Edit

A great pistol! Powerful cartridge and decent accuracy. Every shot might kick with a slightly faster fire rate and small magazine makes this pistol a great backup it case your primary runs dry.

Modifications Edit

This weapon lacks modifications

IRL Edit

Gun Baltiets was developed in Leningrad during the first winter of the blockade, on the initiative of the commander of the mine defence and the chief of staff of the Baltic fleet Yury Fedorovich like the Holy Grail. With strong negative temperatures of -20 and -30°C in the besieged Leningrad in the winter of 1941-1942, in some cases there were delays in shooting from a standard TT pistol. Yu. f. Rall appealed to higher authorities with a proposal to manufacture on one of the Leningrad factories for weapons commander of the Navy semi-automatic pistol with more reliable automation system. The proposal was considered at the meeting of the Bureau of the Leningrad regional Committee of the CPSU(b), which adopted the following decision: "to Instruct the Director of the plant № 181 B. P. Rumyantsev to produce the original batch of pistols from 15 pieces".

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