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BRAIN/OUT - это многопользовательский 2D шутер в постсоветском сеттинге, разработанный Александром "Desertkun" Серым.

Является пиксельной игрой, созданной под большим впечатлением от Soldat


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BRAIN / OUT — is a multiplayer shooter in the spirit of the post-Soviet space! You are waiting for dynamic battles with an impressive selection of weapons and special. means for destruction of the enemy! No matter how equipped your opponent, win the battle can only be a professional in their field. Any fighter could affect the outcome of the battle, even without a single cartridge. Take a knife and fight to the last drop of blood!

Download BRAIN / OUT for free from Steam.

If you want to meet the BRAIN / OUT Discord community be sure to join our Brain/Out Discord Server

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