Features Edit

The main feature of this revolver is the impressive damage. Pleases that the enemy can be killed from one or two shots.

Despite the high rate of damage, this weapon has low ammunition, which forces shooting at medium and long distances to be as cautious as possible. A great choice for beginners, and for "eagles".

Modification Edit

Modification Characteristics Cost
Revolving clip -2.5sec. reload 3 Черепки
Longer Barrel +10 Accuracy, +5 damage. 2 Черепки

Skin Edit

related Quests Edit

Kill 500 players with the Colt Python.

  • Reward: Profile Background with a Colt Python.

IRL Edit

Colt Anaconda - a large-caliber revolver with a double-action shock-trigger mechanism, produced in 1990-1999 at the Colt's Manufacturing Company. Anaconda is similar to Colt Cobra, but it has a reinforced frame and a drum for using more powerful cartridges such as .44 Magnum and .45 Colt. Because of the heavy weight, the use of the Colt Anaconda as a service weapon is considered inadvisable; The revolver, basically, is used for hunting and sports.