The DVL-10 is a unique sniper that is acquired from a container that is bought with real money (not nuclear material or RU). The DVL-10 Container also comes with the RSH-12, a revolver, and also the PP-19-01 VItyaz, a submachine gun.

Features Edit

The representative of the class "bolt" has similar characteristics with AWP: a huge range of damage, huge damage (but less by 10 units than the same AWP) and excellent accuracy, the ability to shoot blocks of land. Has the highest accuracy of 100 units.

Disadvantages: the need to distort the shutter after each shot, low wear resistance. Given the low number of cartridges in the store can play an evil thing, if the distant battle imperceptibly passed into the near. Recharging is longer than that of AWP, but if you stay away from the main fighting, this is not a very noticeable drawback.

Great for defending positions.

Modification Edit

Modification Cost
Enlarged Magazine 2Черепки
Bipod 1Черепки
Sillencer 2Черепки

skins Edit

IRL Edit

DVL-10 M2 "Urban" - Tactical sniper rifle of 2016. It is a modification of the DVL-10, specialized for fighting in the city.