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Classics of the genre.

Large caliber pistol with high damage and medium accuracy. has a good rate of fire, a serious spread and extraordinary impact.

A good choice for players with sniper rifles, if you often have to finish off wounded players or engage in battle with an empty main weapon magazine.

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Desert Eagle (Rus. "Desert eagle") - a large caliber self-loading pistol (up to 12.7 mm). It is positioned as a hunting weapon and a weapon for self-defense against wild animals and criminal attacks. It was developed in 1983 by Israeli company Israel Military Industries. Produced in Israel by Israel Military Industries. Due to its size and frightening appearance is often used in movies, television productions and computer games.

From a technical point of view, Desert Eagle is built according to the scheme, which is not typical for self-loading pistols, but for automatic rifles: the principle of removal of powder gases for recharging is used in automation. The gas pipe is located under the barrel, the powder gases are discharged directly to the gate frame. Locking is performed by turning the shutter larva. In General, the shutter and locking with combat stops (larvae) resembles the mechanism of an automatic rifle M16.

Due to the need for a gas pipe barrel Desert Eagle looks more massive than the trunks of other guns. Also, due to the need for space for the movement of the bolt carrier, the gun was very long. In addition to the large length, the disadvantage of the gas exhaust mechanism is the requirement of using cartridges with bullets in a copper shell (shell, semi-shell or expansive). These bullets make the gun a little more powerful, and make it possible to penetrate the walls and weak bulletproof vests.

The use of a gas-discharge mechanism has made it possible to use much more powerful cartridges than those usually used in self-loading pistols. The use of powerful cartridges .50 Action Express (12.7×32.6 mm) makes Desert Eagle competitive in areas previously undivided in revolvers.