Features Edit

FN F2000 has a very high rate of fire and great accuracy paired with fair recoil and damage. use this weapon in close to medium range in full auto. At longer ranges try to burst or you shots might miss.

Modification Edit

Attachment Cost
Acog Telescopic Sight 1 Черепки
Truglo Reflex sight 1 Черепки
Front Grip 1 Черепки

Skins Edit

IRL Edit

The F2000 assault rifle was developed by FH Herstal of Belgium in the 1990s. It was developed as a successor to the FN FNC service rifle. It was also aimed at export customers. This futuristic-looking weapon was first publicly revealed in 2001. Currently it is in service with Belgium, Croatia, India, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

FNH FS2000

17px AKS-74UAKMSL85A2M4A1G36AK74AN-94FN FALSIG 552М16А3
20px TAR-21M16А2AK-105GalilHK417
30px QBZ-95AEK-971AKM74/2M4A1 DesertAK-74MHK416
25px SGI-5kAK-12 LR-300FT200MSTGMDRVHS-2