The Fort-12 is a sidearm included in the Clear Sky Container. The stats for the Fort-12 make it seem as if it were meant for ambushing at close or medium range. It's should be used as an ambushing weapon or medium ranged sidearm. It can kill an unarmored opponent in 3 shots and an armored opponent in 4 (assuming all shots land on the body).


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Fort-12 was developed at the research and production association Fort in the city of Vinnitsa in the second half of the 1990-x. The purpose of creating the pistol was the replacement of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine PM. Remained in large numbers since the USSR, Makarov pistols have long been inconsistent with modern requirements for personal short-barreled weapons for a number of parameters. Fort-12 was put into production in 1998. The main tasks for the design team, then headed by Peter Zayats, in the design of this weapon were to increase firepower, ease of handling and accuracy of fire. In the new gun they decided to use the old cartridge 9 × 18 PM and the same principle of automation, as in the Makarov pistol.