Features Edit

Rather specific grenade launcher, with a weight of 6 kg with it you can move with SMGs with a weight of 2 kg, after each shot it must be cocked as for example SPAS-12, this grenade launcher seems more "fanatic" than serious, because for destruction need grenade launchers) is more suitable RG-6 due to greater rate of fire and capacity.

IRL Edit

The GM-94 is a short range weapon, allowing it to be used in close urban environments. With a minimum safe distance of only 10m, the GM-94 is well suited to close, room-to-room fighting. Its simple design and operation allows it to operate in dusty and dirty environments and even after being immersed in water.

The launcher is capable of firing high explosive, frag, thermobaric, smoke and tear gas canisters, rubber slugs and other non-lethal payloads.

In June 2005, GM-94 with thermobaric VGM-93 ammunition was adopted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In October 2007, the Russian armed forces adopted a new launcher designated LPO-97 developed in the KBP Instrument Design Bureau on the basis of the GM-94 with a thermobaric grenade, in 2008 GM-94 adopted for the branches of the Federal Security Service.Though the launcher was intended for use by Russian security forces, the GM-94 has been spotted as far afield as Kazakhstan and Libya

Gm 94 grenade launcher by garr1971