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The peculiarity of this pistol is the mode of shooting by cutting off three cartridges in a drain. Small damage is compensated by a pleasant rate of fire, quick recharging, a lot of cartridges in the store and pretty good accuracy.

Also, the gun has unique modifications in the form of LCU and silencer, which are rarely found among pistols.

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Glock 18 - Austrian automatic pistol manufactured by Glock GmbH for a 9 × 19 mm caliber cartridge Parabellum. It is intended for arming special forces of the army and police.

Glock 18 is a modification of the Glock 17 pistol and is completely identical to it and differs first of all by the presence of the interpreter of the shooting mode, which allows to fire with single shots and bursts. In the latter case, the rate of fire is 1200-1300 shots / min. In addition to the fully automatic fire mode, it is possible to release the Glock 18, which fires bursts of 3 rounds (only not in the same sample)

Glock 18 aroused the interest of police and military structures, but it did not get the expected popularity, due to the low efficiency of automatic fire in comparison, even with fairly compact pistol-machine guns. In general, the Glock 18 pistol inherited all the advantages of the basic Glock 17 pistol and is very similar to it.

In a popular culture, often the samples as Glock 18 are actually converted (with the option of automatic fire) Glock 17, usually with a magazine for 33 cartridges.