Starter Guide Edit


So you are a Newbie huh? You've come to the right place then! Here's a nice Noob Guide for you. It has good Tips and some Nice Humor.

Technic Guide Edit


You probably don't get what this Technic level Stuff is for right? Well here is a nice Technic Guide for you! It has nice tips on how to level up and it explains what the Technic level Stuff is for.

Safe cracking Guide Edit


So you are a bit further on and playing some Freeplay now and you cant get in the goddamn Safes? Then here is a nice Safe cracking Guide! It has very useful tips on how to propely crack Safes and it has BLASTING Humor!

Freeplay Guide Edit


Soooo you are tired of the Normal matches and think you are tough enough for Freeplay? Well here is a Freeplay Guide for you! Here you will get some tips on Freeplay! (It will even tell you how to open a crate! :O)

Map Editor Guide Edit

Map Editor

Hmm, What? You are already tired of Freeplay and want go further? You want to make some Map right? Well we have a Map Editor Guide just for that! Here you will get some good tips on how to make maps and what the different Blocks and more!

Uniform Guide Edit


You are already finished with making Maps are you? Well, do you want to make a Uniform for the Game? Yes? Thats Nice! Here is a basic Uniform Guide on how to make uniforms from our one and only DESERTKUN! If you are lucky enough it will maybe get ingame and you'll get a sweet Reward for it!