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Being a heavier and more powerful weapon than AWP, this rifle has all its advantages, namely: huge damage, excellent accuracy, penetration of earth blocks and player structures, and also a good capacity for this class of rifles.

For a comfortable game it is recommended to use a box with ammunition or an additional magazine to continue the fire, without being distracted by the lack of ammunition. Also, consider equipping the ability "Physical training" - to compensate for a high weight.

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However, there is an already installed optical sight.

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The Hécate II is the standard heavy sniper rifle of the French Army, sometimes known as the FR-12.7 (French: Fusil à Répétition de calibre 12,7 mm or "12.7 mm calibre repeating rifle"). It is manufactured by PGM Précision of France. This is the largest weapon manufactured by PGM, chambered for the .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) cartridge.

PGM Hecate

PGM Hécate II