Consumables are vital for staying healthy overall, whatever it is quenching the thirst, patching up bullet holes, or protecting yourself from the deadly radiation of the conflict area.

Food Edit

  • Caviar (Its very rare)
  • Canned Food (Increases 70 in the food meter)
  • Condensed Milk (Heals you and decreases your hunger)
  • Kidney Beans (Its very rare)
  • Water (Increases 70 in the water meter)

Meds Edit

  • Medkit (Heals to full health, does not stop bleeding!)
  • Bandage (Stops bleeding but doesn't heal)
  • Energy Drink (Makes you move faster)
  • Vodka (Partially protects you from radiation)
  • Anti-Radiation Meds (Makes you immune to the radiation for some time)

Flash Drives Edit

  • Black and Red SD Card
  • Blue Flash Drive
  • Red Flash Drive

Keys Edit

  • Garage Key (Opens the two orange-brown (red) doors)
  • Apartment Key (Opens the brown door on the fourth floor of the tall building)
  • Fuse (You'll need three to get the elevator running)

Bullets and Shells Edit

  • .5.45x39mm (All variants of the AK)
  • .5.56x45mm (Most assault rifles)
  • .7.62x39mm (Light Machine Guns.7.62x51mm (Sniper and marksman rifles)
  • .9x18mm (Most submachine guns and modern pistols)
  • .9x39mm (VSS, Bizon PP-19 and OST-14)
  • .12x76 Gauge (All shotguns except the TOZ-74)
  • .22 LR (Revolvers)
  • .45 ACP (Thompson and KRISS Vector need this, along with TT and Colt 1911)
  • 12 Slug (Special ammo for the TOZ-74, kinda rare find)

Laucher Ammo Edit

  • 40mm Grenade (RG6, Grenade Launcher)
  • PG_7V (RPG-7, Rocket Launcher)

Loot Edit

Those are items you will want to have when leaving the conflict area.

  • Container (Contains gears, weapon skins or parts)
  • RU (Needed to buy containers in the store)
  • Dog Tags (Mostly used as trophies but also for quests)
  • Instruments (Found in one of the locked garages when doing the quest)
  • Valuable Cargo (Found in the locked apartment when doing the quest)
  • Documents (Found in the locked safe in the bunker when doing the ques)

Accessories Edit

Those things help you explore the conflict area more safely.

  • Binoculars (Works like scope on gun, allows you to see further)
  • Geiger Counter (Ticks more intense the nearer you are to the radiation)
  • Armor (Helmet giving you head protection, and vest giving you body protection)

Grenades and mines Edit

Thrown explosives designed to kill or immobilize enemy soldiers.

  • Frag Grenade (Shoots shrapnel in all directions, has much longer range than expected)
  • HE Grenade (Small grenade which is Very rare in Freeplay. Has a small explosion radius but can be thrown very far)
  • Flashbang (Makes you blind for quite a time)
  • MK3A2 (High explosive grenade)
  • Claymore Mine (Explodes when the enemy is near)