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M110 is a pretty good example of a sniper rifle - good damage, which is enough to kill the enemy from one hit, a small recoil, good accuracy with the rate of fire, make this weapon a good sniper rifle.

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Attachment Cost
Optical sight 1Черепки
Bipods 1Черепки
Suppressor 2Черепки

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M110 (Rifle, 7.62 mm: Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS)) is an American sniper rifle developed by Knight's Armament Company on the basis of Mk11 mod. 0 to supplement and replace the sniper rifle M24 in the US Army.

The rifle entered the troops in 2008. The M110 rifle was used extensively in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As of today, it is known that the M110 model received numerous complaints from the troops, such as unreliable weapons and insufficient precision. It was also reported that some of the rifles were being disassembled to replenish spare parts of the remaining rifles. The trunk, according to the users' assurances, is not very sturdy, when 500 shots were fired, problems were observed with precision, which led to the replacement of the trunk.

Nevertheless, according to the US military, at the moment, these problems have been eliminated.

In 2016, the M110 was abandoned by the American army, and now the Marines and the army special forces units are looking for replacement.