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This assault rifle is very similar to the original, but unlike the latter, it has a built-in LCU and silencer.

The ideal tactic for this weapon will be a fight on the front line with small groups of opponents, including secretive strikes. It is important to remember that the combination of characteristics of this rifle is similar to submachine guns, which means fighting at short distances and using a high rate of fire as an advantage.

Modification Edit

M4A1 The desert has an installed collimating sight, a muffler, a laser target designator and a tactical handle that do not require opening and buying.

In addition, improvements in rate of fire and accuracy are available for the details.

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IRL Edit

Colt Model 920, M4 Carbine - automatic carbine, created in the US based on the M16A2 rifle and originally intended for arming the crews of combat vehicles and calculations of weapons and military equipment.

17px AKS-74UAKMSL85A2M4A1G36AK74AN-94FN FALSIG 552М16А3
20px TAR-21M16А2AK-105GalilHK417
30px QBZ-95AEK-971AKM74/2M4A1 DesertAK-74MHK416
25px SGI-5kAK-12 LR-300FT200MSTGMDRVHS-2