Features Edit

Compact submachine gun as a secondary weapon.

Pleases the pace, damage and quick reжзфв.

downsides are, high recoil and a small supply of ammunition.

Modification Edit

Attachment Cost
Increased store 2Черепки

IRL Edit

The MP5K is a compact modification of 1976 with a shortened barrel and forearm, equipped with an additional handle to hold the weapon.

The MP5 submachine gun was first introduced by Heckler & Koch in 1966, under the name HK54. This name was chosen according to the old numbering system of the firm's models: the number "5" defined the weapon as a submachine gun, and the number "4" determined that the submachine gun was created for the 9 × 19 mm cartridge Parabellum. The modern name he received after in the middle of 1966, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany adopted it into the police and border guard service as Maschinenpistole 5, or abbreviated MP5. Thanks to the use of the submachine gun of the German counterterrorism unit GSG 9, which was part of the border service, similar special units of other Western countries were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with its characteristics.

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