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The accuracy of this pistol in combination with a high rate of fire makes it possible to successfully shoot back at medium distances, and the silencer will allow you to remain unnoticed in the rear of the enemy. PB is a good choice for both beginners and skillful players.

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Modification Cost
Larger store 1Черепки

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Military intelligence and some KGB units needed a noiseless short-barreled firearm. In 1967, the Soviet designer Anatoly Arsenievich Deryagin, having creatively completed the already popular PM, had issued a pistol with the GRUU 6P9 index to the military community. The work of the designer was appreciated and in the same year the pistol was tested in range tests and was officially accepted for service in the units of the State Security Committee (KGB) and in the army units subordinated to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense, in other words, the special forces GRU. With the appearance of separate special units in the KGB ("Vympel", "Alpha") and internal troops, the PB took a worthy place in the holsters of these specialists. Design decisions PB, in fact, resemble the design solutions PM, on the basis of which it was created, but with a number of specific features. The changes affected the shutter casing and the frame, the barrel, the return spring. The most important difference between the new weapon and the PM is the integrated muffler and a separate, hand-muffled muffler that reduces the sound of the shot to a minimum. In other words, it can be fired from the PB with an integrated silencer without an additional silencer, but then the sound of the shot will be quite loud. But if an additional silencer is attached to the integrated silencer - the sound of the shot becomes adequate for a noiseless firearm