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A pretty good machine gun, good damage, a small recoil, but poor accuracy and rate of fire. It is an exact copy of the PKM, but does not have a modification of the "collimator sight", due to which the PCM in the pumping easily bypasses the RPD.

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Modification Cost
bipods 3Черепки

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The 7.62-mm Degtyarev hand-gun (RPD, GRAU index-56-Р-327) is a Soviet hand-machine gun developed in 1944 under the 7.62-mm cartridge. 1943

The RPD proved to be a reliable and powerful weapon. Ribbon feed at it is carried out from a metal tape for 100 rounds, consisting of two parts of 50 cartridges each. The tape itself is placed in a round metal box with a folding carrying handle. Thanks to a belt for carrying, the machine gun allowed to conduct shooting "from the hip". The shooting mode is only automatic.