• The RSH being a Sidearm bought with the Elite pack. This weapon is just like the Rhino but it is short one bullet. The Sidearm is a grande sidearm poking the P2W wall. However it could be said it isn't due to being short one bullet and requiring 100 kills to max out all of it's stats.


  • Trulgo Reflex Sight
  • Speed loader

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RSh-12 (revolver of the Assault caliber 12.7) - revolver of the Tula KBP. The most powerful assault revolver.

It was developed in 2000 in the branch of the Tula KBP: Central Design Research Bureau of sporting and hunting weapons for the same cartridge 12.7 × 55 mm as the assault machine ASh-12.

Revolving complex RSh-12 is a revolver with a solid metal frame and with a 5-round basket, which is folded to the left. Due to the fact that the shot is made from the lower chamber of the drum, the recoil shoulder of the RSh-12 is smaller than that of many other revolvers and large-caliber pistols. In the revolver USM kurkovy type with an open location of the trigger. Like many revolvers for powerful ammunition, the RSh-12 revolver has a reinforced barrel casing that is equipped with ventilation holes. Over the barrel and under the barrel are provided systems of the rail interface of Picatinni type for the installation of all kinds of sights, flashlights, LCU, etc.

To ensure a small recoil arm and, as a consequence, reduce the throw of the barrel, the RSh-12 revolver shoots not from the upper chamber of the drum, but from the bottom, the same technical solution was used in the Revolver OC-38 engineer Stechkin. Sights include a fly and a rear sight.