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SGI-5K - Swiss assault rifle

Features Edit

Good damage, almost complete lack of recoil, pleasant accuracy, fast pace and an abundance of modifications. But not without cons.

These include the rapid wear of weapons, scatter and poor accuracy at long distances. In all other respects - a fine rifle with potential.

Modification Edit

Modification Сost
Optical sight "Susat" 2 Черепки
Underwater grenade launcher M203 2 Черепки
Muffler 3 Черепки

Skins Edit

IRL Edit

Development of the SIG SG 550 assault rifle commenced in the late 1970s. Its prototype was based on the previous SG 540 design. In 1984 its designation was changed to the SG 550. Its production commenced in 1986. The SIG SG 550 was officially adopted by the Swiss army in 1990 as the Stgw.90. It replaced the ageing SIG 510 (Stgw.57) automatic rifle. Swiss army took the last deliveries of the Stgw.90 in the mid 1990s, however these weapons are still manufactured for export customers. Over 600 000 of these assault rifles were produced. Currently it is a standard Swiss military rifle. The SG 550 is in service with more than 20 operators worldwide. These are usually used by elite and special forces units.