Features Edit

SR-2 Veresk - a very good SMG. It is notable for its lightness and great damage, but accuracy leaves much to be desired. It is best to combine it with physical training and shoot small bursts. If you already shoot without stopping - aim at the body and not the enemy's head, so you will definitely hit the target.

Modifications Edit

Modification Cost
Extended magazine 2Черепки
CP-2 Sight 1Черепки

IRL Edit

Development of a new submachine gun for a cartridge of increased effectiveness 9 × 21 mm arr. 1993 was started in the mid-1990s under the order of the FSB at Klimovsk Central Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building. A new sample was introduced in 1999 under the symbol CP-2. Together with the CP-1 "Gyurza" pistol, the SP-10 and the SP-11 cartridges and the unified collimating sight "CP CP-2", this submachine gun is part of the rifle complex of increased efficiency intended for special forces.

"Veresk" was originally created as a weapon capable of hitting the enemy in individual means of armored protection of the second class and unarmored equipment at a distance of up to 200 m. Such requirements dictate the choice of ammunition. CP-2 provides 100% penetration of a 4-mm steel sheet at a distance of 100 m.

9x21 пистолет-пулемет СР2МП 12