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The TOZ-34 is one of the starting primary weapons, the others being the AKS-74U and the MP5. At first glance, the TOZ-34 appears to be a shotgun; however, it fires 12 gauge slugs and has a fairly powerful scope attachment, making this weapon a makeshift sniper rifle in effect. The TOZ-34 has a high recoil and insane rate of fire, as well as a noticeable bullet drop. Unless the player chooses to purchase one from the container warehouse, the TOZ-34 is the only sniper-like weapon the player will have access to until level (what level?), when the SVD is unlocked.

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Modification Cost
Sight PO-2 UOMZ 1Черепки

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Тоз (1)


Тоз (2)


Тоз (3)




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