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Despite the fact that VSK-94 is a sniper rifle, it can be effectively used at any distance, because the sample for which it was assembled is the great PP 9A-91 with its insane rate of fire. The presence of a sniper scope allows you to confidently firing at long distances, and a high rate of fire will crush opponents in close combat.

Alas, it is worth remembering that VSK-94 has small ammunition and not so much damage, as for example in VSS or M14, which means saving ammunition and need to carry a bag with ammunition.

Modification Edit

VSK-94 has an installed sniper scope and a silencer that do not require opening and buying.

In addition, for the details are available to improve the speed of recharging, increase the rate of fire, impact and accuracy.

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IRL Edit

The VSK-94 is a 9x39mm suppressed DMR designed In 1995 in the KBP Tula Instrument-making Design Bureau designed by Vasily Petrovich.

Although not strongly present, it should be noted that the VSK-94 would be subject to “The Vladikavkaz 9x39mm Subsonic Round Restriction Certificate” that was primarily placed on the AS Val in Syria. This is due to 9x39mm’s relatively dangerous amour-piercing capabilities that could be subject to friendly fire, it is unknown if the document will remain in effect.