Features Edit

This weapon has practically no drawbacks, except for two small nuances: extremely fast wear and lack of oneshot.

Modification Edit

Modification Cost
Enlarged shop 2Черепки
Sight PSO-1 2Черепки
Holder of LCU 1Черепки

Skins Edit

IRL Edit

VSS (Special sniper rifle) is a noiseless sniper rifle for special purpose units. "Vintorez" together with a special cartridge SP5 (caliber 9 mm) form a noiseless sniper complex, called BSC.

BSC "Vintorez" is able to provide a covert group defeat of the enemy's manpower, which are protected by bulletproof vests of type 6B2 (2nd and 3rd class of protection), as well as steel army helmets at a distance of up to 400 m.

The sniper rifle "Vintorez" was introduced in 1987.