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The rifle is not bad at all - good damage, good rate of fire (given the "wandlet"), but high returns, all this is Zastava M76. In principle, very similar to the SVD, but they differ only in the damage and rate of fire, which is more in M76, and the damage from the SVD, respectively, the conclusion: The M76 convoy is more suitable for near-medium distances, due to less damage, but greater rate of fire. But to get this rate of fire you need to spend about 100 .

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Modification Cost
Optical sight 2Черепки

IRL Edit

It was developed on the basis of AK, was serially produced at Zavod Crvena Zastava. Has been in service since 1976. Used to equip army snipers.

The rifle is self-loading, recharging occurs due to the removal of a part of the powder gases from the barrel bore. The barrel of the barrel, when shot, is locked by turning the bolt and placing it on two warheads. Despite the external resemblance to the Kalashnikov assault rifle, many elements of the M-76 had to be changed in order to adapt it to a powerful rifle cartridge. In comparison with the automatic machine, the length of the bolt box, its cover and gas pipe is increased. The trigger-trigger mechanism allows the firing of fire only single shots.

The rifle has a long heavy trunk with four right-hand cuts (the step of the cuts is 240 mm) and a slotted flame arrester type SVD. The supply of cartridges is carried out from a detachable box magazine for ten cartridges.